Compliance & Player Protection

achieving compliance with the Maltese regime

General Training

At IGA Group we offer training on how to achieve compliance based on the Maltese Regulations. We focus on ensuring clients understand the regulatory requirements stemming from the Gaming Act of 2018, as well as the associated Regulations and Directives. WE make sure that our expertise is passed on to you in the most comprehensive manner, offering reassurance that you will understand the requirements emanating form the regulations. We offer tailor made training; however training can be split into two broad programmes namely Player Protection and General Compliance. The lessons can be taken as an all-encompassing package, as a programme, or even individually. This training is ideal for a number of roles within the industry or those who wish to embark within this industry.

Why choose IGA

At IGA we always strive for innovatory opportunities and on the lookout to assist our clients reach their goals and establish themselves as the market leaders within their sector. We assist our clients in reaching their goal into setting up various objectives. These include ICOs, the introduction of blockchain within their systems, the provision of the technology to third parties and also into setting up an exchange. IGA has also been assigned a pivotal role to coordinate a crowd funding scenario for a company which than led to a successfully ICO.

Corporate Services

Player Protection

• Disclosure Requirements and Terms and Conditions Requirements
• Responsible Gaming Measures
• Player Support, Detection of Problem Gambling & Customer Interaction
• Complaints, Disputes and Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Player Support, Detection of Problem Gambling & Customer Interaction

General Compliance

• Advertising Rules
• Detailed Reporting Requirements for Key Persons
• Key Functions – Application Requirements & Introduction to Responsibilities
• Key Technical Setup, Games and Gaming Verticals
• Outsourcing & Player Accounts Requirements

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