Technical and IT services

Get back control of your IT operations.

Our Services

We have a specialised team of technical experts and architects that can assist and provide a fully developed structure for your operations. Our team of experts is composed of highly skilled and valuable individuals with vast experiences. The team consists of Linux and Microsoft Certified.

This includes but is not limited to:

Building automated workflows for your applications using tools such as Gitlab Ci Or Jenkins Tied Up With Your VCS (Version Control System) of preference.
Complex workflows may require (Bash/Powershell) scripting and custom built CLI tools.
Your cloud infrastructure will be designed in such a way to adapt to the MGA requirements.
You'll be able to deploy a new cloud infrastructure with a click of a button.
In certain instances the MGA requires that a compliant manner
operation keeps a near-real time replica of critical datasets in a datacentre in Malta. This replication must be implemented via an encrypted VPN.
We will review, optimize, simplify and document your development workflows.
Using penetration testing methodologies and specialised tools we identify and recommend a number of remediation procedures to address them.

Co-Location Services

The Malta Gaming Authority imposes a requirement that some of the critical services should be hosted on a server in Malta, thus IGA Group will provide support on a number of factors revolving around this; This may include a the choice of the colocation provider having a state of the art technology facilities.

IGA Group will assist with providing professional advice to identify and choose the most adequate ISP or co-location facilities that offers with high level services which include; Raised floor environment providing proper air flow and cooling, and adequate distribution of cables.

Technial Services & Installation

Some of the services we can offer are as follows:

- MGA-compliant Infrastructure documentation
- MGA-compliant VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
- Physical Infrastructure Architecture
- Cloud Infrastructure Architecture (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
- Infrastructure cost analysis and optimization - Deployment & Release Automation (CI/CD | GitLab/Jenkins)
- Development Efficiency Training
- Penetration Testing and Security
• Procurement of hardware – Servers, Network
Storages, firewalls etc
• Backup solutions
• Security setups
• Obtain best SLA’s on the island