New Jersey rails against internet betting crackdown

Members of congress from the Garden State have penned a letter to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) voicing their opposition to any plans by the Trump administration to clampdown on states allowing regulated online betting.

Proponents of a ban on regulated online betting are calling for the introduction of Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) legislation that would restore the ban in regulated online betting, which has been effectively rendered mute by a DOJ decision made in 2011.

Among the advocates calling for the restoration are casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who most recently sent a letter to the DOJ in December.

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Portugal Consumer Watchdog Scolds Bank for Blocking Bitcoin-Related Transactions

Shortly after revealing a proposal to tax bitcoin investors to make it fair on traditional investors who have to deal with the government taking one-third of their earnings, Portuguese consumer watchdog DECO has stressed that the country’s banks have “no known legal basis” to block bitcoin-related transactions. As CCN recently reported, the Portuguese branch of Spanish bank Santander, Banco Santander Totta, is halting bitcoin-related transactions while claiming cryptocurrency exchanges are transacting in non-regulated financial products.

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World's first legal framework for blockchain in Malta

In the coming weeks Malta is launching the world’s first legal framework for the creation of a body to regulate Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and IOT devices.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri announced at the Unlock Blockchain conference in Dubai that the government had worked closely with the industry to come up with a legal framework that satisfies the AML and KYC regulations, without stifling technology innovation.

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London ICE Expo 2018 - iGamingAdvisors

Join us at ICE London 2018 - the biggest iGaming event of the year!

IGA is a one stop shop to provide you with a turnkey solution for the acquisition of a Gaming License from different jurisdictions including Malta. Our advisory will assist you to set up the whole process of your operations irrespective if you are relocating from a different jurisdiction or a startup. We also offer the services of persons with key functions such as Key Official, MLRO etc.

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Malta gaming authority issues call for interested parties to register interest and provide details on distributed ledger technology dlt and or cryptocurrency projects

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is continuously analysing ongoing developments in the fields of Distributed Ledger Technology (‘DLT’) and cryptocurrencies including their application in various technology and innovation driven industries. Conscious of the need to remain at the forefront of innovation and to keep up with new developments in these technologies within the gaming industry, the Authority is actively considering the possibility of allowing the application of cryptocurrencies and DLT by its licensees.

The MGA is mindful that there are risks which need to be addressed in order to ensure that the necessary safeguards are in place to:

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