Tax Advice

fit to all sizes and types of companies within the island.

Tax Services

IGA Group provides its clients with personalized tax advice in connection with any domestic (direct and/or indirect) tax aspects relevant to a proposed transaction or set of transactions and with a view to obtaining an the ideal tax exposure

We have a specialised team of experts that offers effective advisory services for tax planning within local and global contexts. IGA Group team is specialised in dealing cases by case dealing with Malta’s unique exemption system and tax refund.
When reviewing a client’s portfolio, we make sure that the necessary time and energy to fully understand our client’s needs and requirements are allocated. We will then combine our operation with our extensive knowledge of the Maltese corporate tax system, allowing us to carry out our specially designed statutory income tax reporting and compliance processes. This will result into attaining an optimum corporate tax results for our clients, as well as ensuring the avoidance of incurring unnecessary taxes or fines.
It is our priority to deliver strong and sound advisory services to our clients. This will provide them a competitive advantage and ensure they are fully compliant with the applicable legislation and regulations.

Why Choose Malta

Over a number of years, the Maltese jurisdiction has established itself as the best destination for entrepreneurs, particularly due to its status as a cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction for international business and investment.

The expense of setting up and running a company in Malta is reasonably low compared to other European jurisdictions. Malta adopts a system of tax refunds that significantly lowers the effective tax rate to 5%, this is the lowest in the European Union. Companies from the IT, gaming and corporate sectors have embarked into this initiative to set up shop in Malta and benefit from these financial benefits.

Malta also offers a prime strategic geographical location with the majority of the workforce highly skilled and English speaking. It has political stability, and an exceptional communications structure which makes it the ideal place to run your business.


A core question to every founder is whether there are tax implications of running a token sale, and how can they minimise their tax obligation whilst keeping their ICO/IEO legal. A second aspect is the maximum protection of token buyers. Our ICO/IEO legal advisors have war-gamed all possible scenarios to create legal structures that can reduce your ICO/IEO tax bill to 5%.

Malta has established itself as the ICO jurisdiction of choice via the government’s early commitment to embrace blockchain technology from the begining. Non-Maltese launching their ICO/IEOs in Malta can benefit from personal tax rates of 5%, with 0% on certain token sale models. Malta boasts a highly educated, tech savvy workforce that speaks English natively. Most of the employees are used to working in multinational company environments due to the large online gambling and finance sectors on the island. Malta is also a full EU and Eurozone country.