Due Diligence & Compliance

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Compliance ans Due Diligence Services

Other customer Our team of dedicated professionals is able to assist you in understanding your obligations and help you by introducing all the necessary procedures whilst implementing any processes in order to comply with any applicable law. Our Compliance Office department kicks the reviewing and the implementation of compliance processes even before your company is granted a License. This includes the provision of a number of advisory services related to any queries raised by the Authority during the review process.

Once that’s been successfully tackled, our post-licensing compliance team which consists of accountants, lawyers and IT specialists will be are able with ensuring that your company is operating legally and that all compliance matters are being attended to. Our services include the compilation of regulatory returns, policy and procedure drafting, submitting compliance reports to the Board, advising on any matters related to investor protection, as well as managing any statutory obligations needed to assist your business with the respective regulators.

In addition, we are able to provide companies with a thorough range of business intelligence and due diligence services in order to safeguard your investments whilst empowering you to make critical business decisions with confidence. Whether you’re interested in penetrating new markets, vetting third parties, evaluating new investments opportunities, or satisfying legal requirements, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address your specific needs. Our unmatched investigative experience, international presence, and long-standing reputation for integrity and independence make us uniquely qualified to provide the ultimate service.

Other Customer Due Diligence Services

• Customer Due Diligence across all sectors and corporate entities. • Assuring the identities of the ultimate beneficial owners within the relevant parties involved in the company.
• Help the firm, at the time the due diligence is carried out, to be reasonably certain that the customers are who they say they are, and that it is appropriate.
• Comply with the requirements of relevant legislation and regulation.
• Assist with services required to guard against fraud, including impersonation and identity fraud.
• Assist the company to identify, during its operations and on-going relationships, any suspicions behaviours and to enable immediate action.
• information on customers being investigated following the making of a suspicion report to the FIAU.
• Assist the company with implementation and draft of its Policies and Procedure in accordance with the regulations.