Contracts Drafting & Review

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Whilst fully safeguarding your commercial and legal interests Business and personal contracts alike should reflect the desired agreement between all parties. IGA Group provides a personalised contract vetting, drafting and negotiation mediation services which will be tailored to each client’s unique set of circumstances, weighing any legal and commercial implications at hand and determining the best strategy for protecting clients’ interests.

Our experienced Team is committed with providing clients with adaptable, efficient and effective solutions. Contact us to guide you better in tackling any agreement implications. These may include liaison with Authorities and Regulators.

IGA Group expertise will master the drafting of all kinds of contracts. We can assist with helping you analyzing your drafts/requirements, preparing standard templates, identifying the variables relevant to a contract, and building a checklist of “clauses”, which may be useful in addressing the distinctive specifications of each agreement.
Below is a list of some of the agreements our specialised team have mastered. However, it is good to mention that we have assisting our clients in different requirements than the below.

• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Employment Agreement
• Lease Agreement Contracts
• Consultant/Sub Consultant Agreement
• Terms & Conditions
• Distributor Contracts
• Material Transfer Agreements
• Website Privacy Policy
• Inter-Institutional Agreements
• Research Agreements
• Distributor Agreement Contract Drafting
• Collaboration Agreements
• Sub-Contract Agreement
• Unfunded Agreements
• Partnership Agreement
• E-Commerce Agreement