Trading Consultancy

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Sports Trading Consultancy Services

The consultancy part would cover a range of activities, including, but not limited to improving the processes involved in the risk management and odds compilation of the offer which should in turn:

• Increase margin
• Increase turnover
• Enhance competitiveness
• Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness

The service for the Consultancy would be ongoing, with our service given to those companies, particularly smaller or new ones, who want to obtain professional and experienced help to get things going or develop the current processes inside their Trading Department to improve their efficiency. From the Consultancy point of view, we believe that we could help business development in other companies who require so, thanks to the vast experience and knowledge we possess. We would look at how the department currently function, interview the current stakeholders, assess the procedures used and finally offer our solutions on how to improve them all. We are confident we will succeed in helping our clients increase their turnover and margins, whereas at the same time decrease the expenses of this department.

From the marketing point of view, our Consultancy service would target the Start-up Sportsbook and the Up-and-coming Sportsbook since the consolidated ones would have all their right processes in place.

The following are the services offered as part of the Trading Consultancy:


Offer business solutions for the trading department according to the budget available
Decide the amount of human resources needed along with what type of possible software needed (including the possibility to use our Odds Generator)
Help setup the trading department to be fully functional from day one
Create processes to make the risk management and offer insertion as smooth as possible
Build a tailor-made trading department for your requirements, targets and business objectives

Up-and-coming Sportsbook

Help you make the big jump to the top league of sports bookmakers thanks to our combined 25 years of experience and also through our Sports Odds Generator if required
Various improvements in the trading department through business analysis carried out by our consultants in order to improve processes and minimise expenses for your company
Offer different efficient and cost-effective solutions to your current setup of risk management and offer insertion

Specifically, with regards to Risk Management, we will offer the following services:

Traders’ Training
Thanks to our 25 years of experience, we would be able to improve and develop your traders’ level

Procedures and Processes
Analysis of the current procedures and processes to improve them for a more efficient and effective risk management

Risk Management Tools
Create bespoke risk management tools for your trading department

Trading Analysis Tools
Create bespoke trading analysis tools for your trading department to better scrutinise betting patterns and customers