Compliance Officer

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The role of the Compliance Officer

Following the introduction of the new regulatory regime introduced on the 1st of August 2018, the key official role was replaced by several key function roles. These have been defined by the MGA to further segregate roles within a remote gaming operation. Such key function roles may only be provided by natural persons and are required to hold a certificate of approval.

At IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors) we represent a team of professionals that already holds the Position of compliance officers for a large number of remote gaming operators.

Compliance Officer Responsibilities

Below is a list of responsibilities that need to be adhered by the Compliance Officer:
• Ensure that the remote gaming system is set up and maintained in accordance with the remote gaming regulations.
• Submission of incident reports to report controlled and uncontrolled incidents.
• Preparation and submission of notification reports to submit to and seek the Authorities approval prior to effecting any critical changes to the gaming infrastructure, core system modules, gaming operation, rules of the games, terms and conditions and games portfolio.
• Preparation of monthly player and gaming data reports including the reconciliation of monthly player balances in the gaming system to the players’ bank account.
• Assistance in the preparation and submission of personal declaration forms pertaining to key function roles.
• Submission of complaints log to the MGA in line with the updated player protection directive.
• Submission of contracts directly effecting the operation to the Authority.
• Submission of six monthly interim financial statements and annual audited financial statements.
• Calculation of monthly gaming contribution and annual gaming licence fee within the stipulated time frames.
• Assistance in the submission of any share transfer approvals as result of changes in corporate structure.
• Monitoring adherence to the provisions of the Gaming Act and subsidiary legislation.