fit to all sizes and types of companies within the island.

Our assistance to Start-ups

At IGA Group it is paramount to assist our start-up clients with all their needs, whereby we act as a one-stop-shop. Allow us to take the hassle of taking care of you corporate needs whilst you focus on your project. Our team is full of incomparable wealth of experience in helping entrepreneurs taking their first steps into the exciting world of business in Malta. We make sure your business is built on a solid and transparent financial foundation which is the key to guaranteeing long-term success and sustained growth.

Micro Invest Tax Credit Scheme

The Malta Enterprise re-launched the Micro Invest Tax Credit Scheme with the aim of supporting self-employed and Micro Enterprises employing less than 30 full-time equivalent employees and whose turnover does not exceed €10 million. Eligible undertakings may be approved a tax credit equivalent to 45% of the eligible expenditure, up to a maximum of €30,000, over a period of three consecutive years. In case of start-up businesses, the tax credit can be utilised over a maximum period of 5 years.

MGA Start-up benefits

The Authority has a process to follow which once your operation is approved as a start-up it will benefit from a moratorium period of 12 months in which your operation will be exempt from paying compliance contribution although it is still a requirement to submit the monthly declaration. Fixed license fees still apply.

More About Maltsa

Over a number of years, the Maltese jurisdiction has established itself as the best destination for entrepreneurs, particularly due to its status as a cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction for international business and investment.

The expense of setting up and running a company in Malta is reasonably low compared to other European jurisdictions. Malta adopts a system of tax refunds that significantly lowers the effective tax rate to 5%, this is the lowest in the European Union. Companies from the IT, gaming and corporate sectors have embarked into this initiative to set up shop in Malta and benefit from these financial benefits.

Malta also offers a prime strategic geographical location with the majority of the workforce highly skilled and English speaking. It has political stability, and an exceptional communications structure which makes it the ideal place to run your business.

Auxiliary services offered by IGA Group

• Assignment or transfer of a Malta gaming license
• The increase reduction of the nominal or issued share capital of the licensee or the increase or reduction of its voting share capital or any material change in voting rights
• Change in the Board of Directors within your corporate company
• The sale or other disposition by the Malta gaming licensee of its business
• The merger of the Malta gaming licensee with another company
• Assignment or transfer of a Malta or UK gambling license from a number of jurisdictions such as Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).