Director & Secretarial Services

fit to all sizes and types of companies within the island.

Directorship Services

The Maltese Company law states that a Malta-based private company must have a minimum of one director. The role of the resident director is primarily to ensure that companies operate in line with Maltese laws and regulations including but not limited to the Companies Act 1995, Maltese tax laws, and specific regulatory norms. Directors of Maltese companies will be subject to general fiduciary duties and to specific duties which are provided for in the Companies Act.

IGA Group professional company Directorship duties for Malta companies include:

• Liaison with local authorities
• Ascertaining that the Entity functions in line with legislation
• Ascertaining that the Entity functions in line with legislation norms
• Procuring secretarial, legal and accounting services in Malta for the company

Company Secretary

At IGA Group we ensure that your company is in full compliance with annual filing requirements applicable to all limited liability companies. This is provided through our competent and experienced Company Secretary to administer the company's official duties.

Our secretarial services encompass transfers of shares, filing statutory returns, changes in directors and revision/updating of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Our Corporate Services Division performs professional company secretarial duties for Malta companies which include:

• drafting of company resolutions:
• preparation of Minutes of the Board of Directors and Shareholders:
• implementing changes in the Board of Directors and Shareholders;
• performs amendments to the company's constitutive documents; • maintenance of the company's statutory records;
• prepare in a timely manner and lodges the requisite of annual forms and returns with the Registry of Companies;
• submits the audited accounts to the Malta Registry of Companies and the Inland Revenue Department as required by Maltese Law;
• issue and authenticate any necessary company documents