Banking & Opening Accounts

fit to all sizes and types of companies within the island.

Our assistance to Banking

institutions and credit institutions we can provide you a banking solution, irrespective of your operation or business nature. It is our daily routine to work along and within a number of the local financial and banking environment whilst advising individuals or companies on the most appropriate bank according to the client's profile and requirements.

Our team can assist with the preparation of due diligence and other required documents to facilitate client on boarding by the bank. We also assist with the activation of your bank account and delivery of documents and security tokens.


At IGA Group we assist your operation to find the right solution for all your igaming requirements. We are in constant contact with a wide range of providers, including vendors’ integration, payment processing, and banks.

We can help you integrate with a support platform that has readily available more than 100 different gateways via their APIs, and is both a flexible and scalable system. All our partners are compliant with EU requirements, and have a highly sophisticated role handling and auditing system. Its reporting solution provides clear and simple reports that show aggregated data as well as very detailed drill downs, allowing a consistent view of the business.

We aim, 'to make payment processing simple' and with our help and advice you are in safe hands. Whatever are your requirements, our partnerships with some of the largest international providers are sure to provide you with the portfolio you need to get your business online.

Our bank account opening service

• advice re choice of bank in Malta
• introduction to a bank of your choice
• assistance with due diligence for client and entities acceptance
• opening of local, European or offshore bank account in any denomination
• applications for cheque books
• applications for credit card facilities
• applications for online banking facilities

More About Malta

Over a number of years, the Maltese jurisdiction has established itself as the best destination for entrepreneurs, particularly due to its status as a cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction for international business and investment.

The expense of setting up and running a company in Malta is reasonably low compared to other European jurisdictions. Malta adopts a system of tax refunds that significantly lowers the effective tax rate to 5%, this is the lowest in the European Union. Companies from the IT, gaming and corporate sectors have embarked into this initiative to set up shop in Malta and benefit from these financial benefits.

Malta also offers a prime strategic geographical location with the majority of the workforce highly skilled and English speaking. It has political stability, and an exceptional communications structure which makes it the ideal place to run your business.

Auxiliary services offered by IGA Group

• Assignment or transfer of a Malta gaming license
• The increase reduction of the nominal or issued share capital of the licensee or the increase or reduction of its voting share capital or any material change in voting rights
• Change in the Board of Directors within your corporate company
• The sale or other disposition by the Malta gaming licensee of its business
• The merger of the Malta gaming licensee with another company
• Assignment or transfer of a Malta or UK gambling license from a number of jurisdictions such as Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).