Payroll Services

fit to all sizes and types of companies within the island.

Payroll Services

At IGA Group we assist our clients in preparing their payroll statutory forms, calculate the net salaries and the monthly amount of tax and national insurance contributions. Continuous compliance is essential; therefore we have in-house payroll professionals to ensure that your business runs smooth and efficient as possible.

Our services include:

• Drafting and filing of any applications to register clients as private employers.
• Preparation of monthly pay slips.
• Calculation of salaries and monthly tax and NI due.
• Preparation and submission monthly payroll forms to the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue.
• Preparation and submission of annual reconciliation forms to the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue.
• and other essential duties and responsabilities to the payroll of the employees.

Why Choose Malta

Over a number of years, the Maltese jurisdiction has established itself as the best destination for entrepreneurs, particularly due to its status as a cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction for international business and investment.

The expense of setting up and running a company in Malta is reasonably low compared to other European jurisdictions. Malta adopts a system of tax refunds that significantly lowers the effective tax rate to 5%, this is the lowest in the European Union. Companies from the IT, gaming and corporate sectors have embarked into this initiative to set up shop in Malta and benefit from these financial benefits.

Malta also offers a prime strategic geographical location with the majority of the workforce highly skilled and English speaking. It has political stability, and an exceptional communications structure which makes it the ideal place to run your business.