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Payment Gateways and Financial Institutions.  

At iGamingAdvisors we understand the needs of our clients and will assist in choosing the best payment gateways and financial institution for their operation. It is understood that payment processing of players is paramount for any remote gaming operation and it must be processed efficiently and effectively.  

With our experienced employees and already connected network of individuals, at iGamingAdvisors we can refer you those gateways and institutions that offer the most realist processing fees, have a top level of service and with a consistent track record.  

Due Diligence

Irrespective of applying for a new license a merger or an acquisition in any jurisdiction, all involved parties need to know their respective business parties. This is also a requirements as per the 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive (4th AMLD – 4AMLD). At iGamingAdvisors we dig deeper to ensure the criminal probity and due diligence of individuals and companies. This is conducted throughout wide network of business contacts and professionals. Reputation and the security of your business operation is very important for us as much it is for you.  

Application for a Gaming Licence  

Need someone to guide through with the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling commission and turn a complicated remote license application process into a hassle free one? At iGamingAdvisors, you will get the best advice on the market, will handle all paperwork for your gaming license application, business plan, hand holding through all the process and ensure that everything is in order before submission to the relevant Malta Gaming Authorities (MGA) or UKGC.  

Server and Corporate locations

At iGamingAdvisors we will draw up a custom-made solution that will incorporate all variables.  

We believe that each companies needs a tailor-made structure in order to implement their business objective. The right setup is very important for our clients requirements. These include; corporate and income taxes, double taxation treaties, gaming law, country of residence and domicile, provision of services and the best offering for the means of distance communication.  


iGamingAdvisors will act as your single point of contact between you and all relevant Malta Gaming Authorities or UK Gaming Commission . We understand that getting to know the licensing application process and Malta Gaming Authorities (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) rules and procedures are frustrating. We will save you a lot of time and money liaising with the gaming, taxation and financial Authorities.  

Office Space  

Depending on the clients’ presence in that particular country, some kind of office space would be required.  

At iGamingAdvisors we will help assisting you to choose the right office space for your exigencies. This is achieved through our constant updated catalogue of available office space with different budgets that cater for different needs  


Sometimes it is very difficult to find the most reliable, highly trained and motivated individuals that would suit your needs. Irrespective of the position required we also assist in making the preliminary interviews to short list the individuals.    

Testing and Certification of Software and Hardware  

iGamingAdvisors will help you engage with one of the best testing laboratories especially if you are seeking an accreditation for your software and/or hardware. In some jurisdictions it is a requirement that a certificate form a recognized body must be submitted prior the go-live. Some of our clients test only specific software or hardware whilst others test the full system.  

Auditing of Control Systems and Gaming System  

Both your control system and gaming license application, remote license system needs to be robust enough to stand contingency. Apart from keeping updated regulatory compliance such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), it is of utmost importance that all critical component are set in place. This include KYC basis, audit trail and disaster recovery.  

At iGamingAdvisors we have the right advisors and consultants to help you get through any compliance audit imposed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Additionally we also offer the service to conduct a pre-audit before the actual audit happens for your success in acquiring a B2B or B2C Gambling MGA or UKGC license.  

Intellectual Property  

Your intellectual property is of maximum value to your operations. A loyal player always follows a brand, thus it is paramount for the success of a business. Just to mention a few, apart from the brand intellectual property also entails the protection of trademarks and patents.  

At iGamingAdvisors you will find the one stop shop that can cater for all your needs.  

Back Office Services  

You want that your company results are delivered on time, that your data is processed securely, than there is no other place other iGamingAdvisors. We are well aware on the amount of work that is required to run a back office, it involves a huge number of work resources. This involves the transfer, entering, processing data and preparing management accounts.  

At iGamingAdvisors we assist our clients that would like to outsource this function to a specialized professional. In certain circumstances due to the confidentiality of some of our clients we do this function in-house.  

Guardianship of Gaming Licences  

Whilst an amount of effort has been allocated to attain a betting license it is a known fact that a gaming license is a privilege and not a right. Should the operator not comply with the number of regulatory requirements it may lead to a suspension or a cancellation of the actual license.  

iGamingAdvisors shall act as the guardian of the license to your options. Mr Mario Fiorini as a director of the company has been in the IGaming sphere for a number of years where he participated in a number of conferences and exhibitions, and also being a CEO of gaming company.  

At iGamingAdvisors you will have that peace of mind that a license will continue to add value to your asset rather than becoming a liability.  

High caliber gaming consultancy on all gaming models  

The remote gaming industry is known to be a versatile industry. This is due to the fact on the high dependency on technological developments. It is the routine that we see new concepts being developed, such as skins, affiliates and intermediaries becoming a top player themselves.  

Irrespective of the concept iGamingAdvisors will assist and provide consultancy on various types of games. Some of which include; Virtual Casinos, lotteries, bingo, sports book, horse racing, poker, betting exchange, mobile gaming, skill games, daily fantasy sports, skins, affiliates and other intermediaries.  

Do not take any bets on your business; iGamingAdvisors will make sure you are well equipped to face the waters. Should any of our clients wish to acquire a software license or any other service we will define their needs, negotiate on their behalf and also complete all legal formalities.  

Identifying strategic partners  

If you are searching for a business strategic partner such a poker network, software vendor, an affiliate or intermediary look no further.  

Are you looking for a strategic partner such as a software vendor, a poker network, an affiliate or intermediary? iGamingAdvisors has an extensive network of business partners that is continuously revisited and upgraded. All of our clients benefits from this network and find it much easier to find business affiliates that can meet their requirements.  

Mergers and Acquisitions  

The key to a successful merger and joint ventures is the sharing of common goals and the ability to work together. In the gaming industry it is becoming a very common trend that operators merge with an objection to value the synergy of resources and exploit their strengths.  

Another reason for acquisitions is especially for operators who are looking to target markets which by tradition do not form part of their core business.  

A quite a number of occasions iGamingAdvisors acted as a skilled discreet broker between potential buyers and sellers. This is also an advantage when trying to avoid publicity and the ensuing speculation  

Boardroom facilities  

At iGamingAdvisors we are pleased to provide you with state of the art with highest level of service a board room in a prestigious location. You will not have to worry about anything, this being from the smallest detail. We will provide you with everything you may require.  

These facilities will come very handy for meeting and sometimes days-long negotiations.


It is vital for any remote gaming operation to have someone to carry out research and collect statistics. At iGamingAdvisors we commit that will provide a very elaborate report of the current situation or on any study that our clients would like to have  

Through our network of expert professionals we also provided research and studies not only to gaming operators but also to other business entities.  

We also conduct customized research and while you sit down and relax we do all the work to deliver a report with a high level of detail